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National Structures specializes in design, delivery and assembly of temporary structures and event tenting for a variety of event, industrial and commercial applications. National Structures supports temporary resources for medical and logistical support, disaster basecamp services, continuity of commercial operations, and other industrial applications, as well as a wide variety of traditional events like galas, weddings, fundraisers, and more.
The company can also deliver everything needed beneath the event or support tent, integrating equipment and services for power generation, lighting, climate control, flooring & staging, furniture, seating, tablescapes, custom graphics & branding, etc. National Structures further mobilizes other culinary, hygiene and sanitation support vehicles and equipment to support these temporary structures and operations in field environments across the U.S., including commercial kitchens and dishwashing trailers, mobile restroom and shower trailers, etc.  
National Structures can have you well covered from coast-to-coast and is reachable toll free at 1-(833) 4RK-TENTS. To learn more, visit the National Structures website.


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We know tents - it's in our name. Big tents, small tents, one-day tents, semi-permanent tents. Whatever it is that you need in the tenting world, we've got a solution for you.

Structure tents are often configured with both enclosed and open walled spaces, providing greater opportunities for lounge seating, bars, entertainment, entrance ways, and other venue amenities.

We also supports a wide variety of traditional private and civic events, so whether you need support with a high-profile gala experience

A highly popular event solution due to their open unobstructed interiors, frame tents combine the convenience and versatility for a variety of event uses, from weddings and private parties to trade shows and corporate gatherings.

With a family of specialized event service companies supporting us, we have unique ability to provide holistic temporary structure offerings & event services.


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