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The RK Group has a 75-year legacy that began in San Antonio in 1946, and the company’s philanthropic initiatives known collectively as ‘RK Cares,’ demonstrate and activate our dedication to in corporate philanthropy. Following recognition in late 2018 by the San Antonio Business Journal for our on going philanthropic efforts, The RK Group and RK Cares have worked to build on this legacy in the subsequent years supporting the growing number of communities we serve.

RK Cares worked again with several organizations combatting food insecurity and on their major seasonal initiatives, and also found new ways to give back in Canton, OH, Fort Hood, TX, Lexington, KY, and many other communities throughout the pandemic. RK management & staff also continue to volunteer their time talents, delivering 1,000+ hrs. of service annually, while also supporting the Boards of numerous non-profit organizations.

RK Cares also has a unique impact on the overall non-profit community through in-kind contributions to fundraising events. We are always looking for great partners and worthy causes! If you would like assistance with your non-profit fundraiser, please share the following details through the form below so that we may properly consider your donation request.

The RK Group R

As a large culinary operator, The RK Group makes significant strategic donations every year to combat hunger and food insecurity and support children’s nutrition. We donate all possible unused food and recently built a dedicated walk-in cooler at our new building to manage and expedite donations. Throughout this challenging year and pandemic, we have continued to support and partner with the San Antonio Food Bank, Catholic Charities, Respite Care, Daily Bread Ministries, the Raul Jimenez Thanksgiving Dinner, and HEB’s Feast of Sharing, among others, all working to mitigate the unprecedented need for assistance due to Covid-19.

Rk Cares continues to support numerous youth education programs, sports & afterschool programs, children with special needs and a variety of other youth arts and culture programs.

RK Cares leads through a variety of networking and thought leadership activities, and by supporting local efforts including Women and Girls Fund, i Empower, Impact San Antonio, Women-to-Women |Leader-to-Leader, and Girls Inc., among others

RK Cares through donations of services, financial assistance, and/or volunteer time. In San Antonio for example, we support museums, arts and community parks; civic and community organizations; health & cause initiatives; military families and first responders; travel and tourism development; and San Antonio’s faith-based community through these methods..


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