The RK Group is a family of integrated companies, each a specialized event service provider, which work collectively or individually to create great events and experiences from start to finish. Our companies specialize in culinary and hospitality services, and in collaborating to orchestrate large events from start to finish. Our main companies and services include:
• Rosemary’s Catering
• Illusions Rentals & Design
• Circa Destination Management
• The RK Culinary Group
• Flair Floral
• RK Sports Hospitality
• The RKD Studio
• RK Emergency Management Support
• RK Xpress Transport

The RK Group has offices in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix and San Antonio and bases our national operations from these cities; however, our team travels to dozens of other cities and States each year to serve our growing client base.  Throughout Texas, the Southwest region and increasingly nationwide, we’re ready and able to turn your event dreams into reality.

The RK Group is prepared to handle as much or as little as each event requires; our goal is to make it as easy as possible for our clients to have an amazing event.

Our specialized service companies work together seamlessly, helping clients save time and effort. However, all of our companies operate independently, so each can also provide just the services required, whenever desired, serving the single or selected service needs.

The RK Group R

The RK Group has the staff, equipment and experience to scale to virtually any occasion, while expertly servicing very large event gatherings. Our catering teams has experience serving more than 1,000,000 meals for a single client, have provided 41,000 deserts at one event, and have prepared and served more than 23,000 entrees for a single convention day. 

We have experience providing more than 1.35 million meals to one event client in a single location. Our convention center team as prepared more than 260K meals in a 72-hour period, and more than 40,000 for one convention while simultaneously serving two others. We also know what it is like to prepare and serve 41,000 deserts at one event, or 23,000 entrees on a single day, box 39,000 lunches or assemble 150 6-foot tables into an event buffet.  Our team in Houston served more than 28,500 meals at a sporting event last year, our Austin team has experience providing concession services for 15,000+ sports fans at a gathering.

We also have unrivaled equipment volume, selection and quality that is utilized across the country. Our industrial mobile kitchen is equipped to prepare and serve 10,000 meals every three hours.  We have experience providing more than 1,200 linen-draped round tables and seating for a single event, and have delivered more than four-dozen separate event tents to a single site, rendering the location a temporary city.



At The RK Group, our team members are the most important resource in our service commitment to our guests. By Encouraging Growth, Integrity, Commitment and Dedication, we maximize the talent of each employee, to benefit the individual and the company. The RK Group embraces a workplace where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced,individual goals are fulfilled and The RK Group Mystique is strengthened.


At The RK Group, the genuine care and satisfaction of our Clients, Guests, and Partners is our highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest personal Service, food quality, and great experience for our Clients and Guests. Our goal is for The RK Group experience to enliven the senses, instill well-being and fulfill even the unexpressed wishes and the needs of our Client, Guests and Partners.