Rosemary’s Catering

Rosemary’s Catering

Fresh Before Fresh Was Cool

Rosemary’s Catering changed the event-dining landscape nearly 70 years ago with innovative menus, fresh ingredients and attention to detail. Today, we still cater to your every need, with one eye on what’s current and the other on what works. From a locally sourced business lunch for demanding executives, a special request for a special guest, or a wild game holiday meal – and everything imaginable in between – we are dedicated to exceeding expectations and exciting palates.

Your taste, our talent

Our chefs understand how important your one-of-a-kind meal is to the success of your affair, and build a selection that delivers on your high expectations with every bite. You won’t find “Column A” and “Column B” menus here: Rosemary’s Catering customizes every dish especially for you.

Pick a number and dream

Rosemary’s Catering has created exceptional bites for private backyard dinners and at-home parties; exciting displays of appetizers, entrées and desserts for employee parties of 2,500 revelers; canapés-to-coffee wedding menus at a wide range of venues from amusement parks to museums; and effortless lunches for work meetings on the go.

It’s all easy

We can draw on our vast in-house RK Group resources to provide a turnkey event for you too, including rentals from Illusions and floral designs with Flair. We can even help you find the ideal location – and get your guests there to enjoy it.

You’ll never dine alone

Rosemary’s Catering’s staff of expertly trained, experienced professionals will help guide you through every decision. See our sample menus for a taste of what we’ve created for other events – then dare to dream about your own.

Rosemary’s Catering


“No event is too big or too intimate for our Austin team, and no detail goes unnoticed by these professionals, led by General Manager Neil Fuselier and Executive Chef William Ragsdale. Austinites and Hill Country residents have been reaching out to Rosemary’s Catering for more than 30 years, and depend on our groundbreaking ideas for everything from the outrageous to the ceremonial. We are the exclusive or preferred caterer at more than 75 venues in the area and are experts at office parties too. In addition, the Austin team manages all event operations at the Bullock Texas State History Museum, The Story of Texas Café, The University of Texas Etter-Harbin Alumni Center, Texas Expresso, and the Texas State Capitol Grill.”

See sample menus and start imagining the possibilities or contact our Austin team for more information.  


We introduced ourselves to Houston by catering events and service areas at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Today, Rosemary’s Catering is riding high as one of Houston’s most sought-after caterers. General Manager Stacy Glazer leads the team with help from talented Executive Chef Andres Rumis. Now Houston hosts are returning time and again to us for private parties, galas, special events and corporate gatherings filled with the unique Rosemary’s Catering touches.

See sample menus and start imagining the possibilities or contact our Houston team for more information.

San Antonio

Led by Executive Chef Mercedes Valadez, Rosemary’s Catering in San Antonio continues to uphold the RK Group’s tradition of excellence and innovation in everything we do – and have been doing for nearly 70 years. In addition to catering in homes, at Hill Country ranches, in offices, convention spaces and many public buildings, we are proud to provide exclusive catering services to Historic Sunset Station. We are also the preferred caterer at the Briscoe Western Art  Museum and the Venues at Valero in addition to serving the city’s most popular venues. Just tell us where you’d like to hold your event and let us perform magic.


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Sample Menus

A Little Bit of Everything

Our chefs understand how important your one-of-a-kind meal is to the success of your affair, and build a selection that delivers on your high expectations with every bite. You won’t find “Column A” and “Column B” menus here: Rosemary’s Catering customizes every dish especially for you.

Wedding Sample Menus

Sample Buffet

potato latke, creme fraiche, caviar
pork belly topped with bruleed apple
and goat cheese bite

butter lettuce with macademia nuts, sliced strawberry,
mango, goat cheese, & wildflower
with a champagne vinaigrette

bbq grilled prawns with cheddar grits

pecan crusted chicken with a raspberry
chipolte cabernet sauce

ancho crusted beef tenderloin carved to order
with chimichurri, horseradish cream,
dijon mustard, and au jus

sauteed mushrooms and vidalia onion atop
roasted haricot verts

garlic whipped potatoes

jalapeno cheese cornbread with lavender peper jam


Sample Plated Dinner

heirloom tomato, boursin, & pernod cream
quail, brie, & mushroom en croute
lamb shepherd’s pie bites

pork loin tartine with bosc pear and
juniper vinaigrette

arugula, proscuitto, goat cheese, and heirloom tomato
with a smoked tomato vinaigrette
paired with truffle cauliflower bisque

duet of grilled beef tenderloin au poivre
with pan seared scallops,
grilled zucchini ribbons and garlic creamed potato


Social Sample Menu

tomato, basil, olive oil, & seas salt on crostini
crab cakes with cajun remoulade
tea smoked duck with apricot marmalade

bone-in lamb chop carved to order with cherry compote
vegetable crudite with hummus, tabbouleh, & greek salad
with pita, feta, olive tapenade, & cucumber yogurt

orange roughy ceviche shooter with
passion fruit & strawberry
fried goat cheese with lavender and honey
grilled chicken bites with achiote, garlic,
cumin, & zesty lime cream

prime rib carved to order with horseradish & au jus
green bean bundles with bacon
gourmet mac & cheese bowls


Coporate Sample Menu

provencal tarlet with heirloom tomato,
boursin, & pernod cream
lamb quesadilla with feta, mint, and green apple
duck confit in a wonton cup with cherry salsa
and micro-greens

southwest caesar crostini with black beans,
pico de gallo, & jicama
with a chipotle caesar dressing

braised beef short rib with aujus, root vegetables,
and potato au gratin

cinnamon bread pudding


We all look forward to working with you.

San Antonio
1220 E. Commerce
San Antonio, Tx 78205

Priscilla Kent
Regional Director of Sales

Dawn Dawes
Sr. Catering Sales Manager

Sonya Villarreal Rush
Catering Sales Manager

Sunset Station
Michelle Uresti
Director of Sales

Stacy Harrell
Sales Manager

Stephanie Olivares
Sales Manager

2110 San Jacinto Blvd.
Austin, TX 78701

Neil Fuselier
General Manager

Emily Malaya
Director of Sales and Marketing

Allison Whitt
Assistant Director of Sales

Rachel Sommer
Sales Manager

Amy Ripley
Sales Associate

9401 Knight Rd
Houston, TX 77045

Stacy Glazer
General Manager



We’ve got you covered.

Dine, shine, shimmy and glow without a care in the world. It’s no illusion, it’s the real skill of Illusions Rentals & Designs at work. Our amazing inventory of tents, table settings, furniture, lighting designs, flooring, temporary landscape and so much more will blow your mind as you explore your event dreams.

Transforming drab into dramatic, historic into high art

The Illusions experts create venues out of thin air. Just say the word.

  • Tents of all sizes and styles for elegant soirées or chili cook-offs – for gatherings of 20 or 20,000 – and customized to your specifications. These are no camping tents; they’re more like portable buildings!
    • If the weather is questionable, we’ll make your guests more comfortable with heating or air conditioning.
  • Add lighting to enhance your space, from spotlights to chandeliers. We can even customize gobos so your logo becomes part of the scene.
  • Casual or fancy, modern or classic – choose the dining tables and chairs that fit your style. We’ll configure them however you want to fit the mood.
  • Linens bring color and texture to the table. Illusions carries almost every color scheme imaginable, plus patterned linens, embroidered cloths and more. Have a fabric in mind? We’re happy to custom create linens to perfectly match your event.
  • Add more conversation to your event with intimate lounge areas filled with plush recliners, modern banquettes, sofas, sectionals and even coffee and end tables.
  • We design a dance floor to add to the excitement, matching your décor to the style and the size to the party. We can even customize the floor design with logos, pictures and more.
  • Need a podium, riser or stage? We’re on it.
  • Our designers craft custom bars, props and décor items just for you too. Share your vision and see it come to life.
  • Our crews set up and disassemble everything so efficiently you’ll think it’s magic.

Uncover Illusions in Austin or San Antonio.



Our passionate team knows the ins and outs of the Austin vibe, from cowboy chic to button-down black tie, helping you see your vision more clearly.


San Antonio

Come browse through the expansive inventory of ideas at our new 48,000 square foot showroom and offices. Then start to dream about all the possibilities we can bring to life for your ideal San Antonio event.


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  • Partner Dinner Table
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  • briscoe courtyard
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We all look forward to working with you.

8301 Springdale Road
Suite 400, Austin, 78724

Neil Fuselier
General Manager

San Antonio
1107 AT&T Parkway
Suite 111, San Antonio, 78219

Laurie Ontjes
Vice President

Travis Kowalski
Director of Operations

Liz Sine
Account Executive

Michelle Flores
Account Executive

Michelle Reyes
Key Accounts Operations Manager

Flair Floral

Flair Floral

Go Beyond Green

Set your palette in blue, red, orange, hot pink, yellow – or in every color of the rainbow. The Flair Floral designers expand on your mood with the unique charm of flowers and greenery. In their hands, centerpieces are masterpieces, bouquets become cherished memories, and arbors stand in as backdrops for endless photo ops. From spiky modern displays to vibrant tropical mazes, every idea stems from you.

Dream in color with the Flair Floral team in San Antonio.

Flair Floral

San Antonio

Our designers can thoughtfully create Fiesta-inspired confetti themes, original wedding boutonnieres, imaginative conversation pieces and sought-after take-home mementos. Our San Antonio team’s idea box is never empty.


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  • flair guzman 2
  • briscoe courtyard
  • bcfs floral 2
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  • RK90_0017


1107 AT&T Parkway
Suite 111, San Antonio, 78219

Meetings Plus

Meetings Plus

Meeting You All the Way

Our planning and meeting professionals take your ideas and run with them, whether you need us from the inception or just to pick up the stressful slack in the middle of it all. With years of planning and management experience, our team knows just what it takes to coordinate with vendors and volunteers, schedule classes, organize presenters and entertainers, establish a professional air, and do it all in an extraordinarily unique (and sometimes zany) way. In fact, they’ll travel to the ends of the earth to ensure your event is done just the way you want it to be done – no matter where you hold it. Year after year, event after event, the Meetings Plus experts deliver personalized boutique-style, integrity-based service for large gatherings of all kinds.

Meetings Plus


We’ll handle everything – or just the details you want us to – for conventions and meetings, including:

  • Evaluating site options and presenting an in-depth analysis of each site
  • Acting as your advocate in negotiating contracts
  • Coordinating lodging, meals, and transportation
  • Contracting and scheduling speakers, keynoters and entertainers
  • Contracting with vendors and exhibitors
  • Managing registration, trade shows and expos
  • Overseeing programs that qualify for continuing education credit

Special Events

Our Meetings Plus team has turned special events, galas and fundraisers into distinctive accomplishments with above-and-beyond results. Let us work with you to:

  • Create distinctive, memorable programs and special activities
  • Establish one-of-a-kind event themes and coordinate matching decor, food and entertainment
  • Arrange effective, uncommon corporate board retreats
  • Produce award shows that reflects your group’s style

Make it Work with Meetings Plus

Meeting Management

Association meetings require finesse, focus and careful planning so participants feel energized, informed and motivated. The Meetings Plus team has what it takes to help you meet your goals, stay within your budget and make everyone feel valued. We have the experience you need to:

  • Manage extensive trade shows and expos
  • Develop successful leadership programs specifically for your industry professionals
  • Produce high-energy association kick-off meetings and award programs

Make it Work with Meetings Plus

  • convention


Kathy Clark, CMP



All-around Expertise

Your event destination is in your control with a single point of contact at Circa. As a full-service destination management company, our unified team blueprints and implements every element of your time in town, with the insights only a local insider can share.

Taking it to the Streets

We’ll help you make a great first impression with pre-arranged transportation from airport to hotels and from hotels to event venues. Relax as professional, local drivers with extensive knowledge of traffic patterns and route options, ferry your guests in well-maintained, climate-controlled buses, vans, sedans and limousines.

Tours and Adventures

We’ll always have a list of what’s new and hip in every destination, as well as updated details on the classic visitor sites. We can arrange zip-line thrills, educational zoo outings, private movie shows, rodeos and more. The Circa team has partners in just about every walk of life. Talk to us about ways to engage your guests with special themed events that reflect your group’s unique agenda, whether it’s austere or outrageous.

Dining Delights

Every city has a foodie culture, and your Circa team knows just the reservations your group needs. Our special Dine Arounds celebrate the diversity of the town you’re in, and invite your guests to dig into the cuisine.

Get Out and About with Circa in Austin, San Antonio and Throughout Arizona



The Texas capital city is a mix of politics and funk, all with a western twang and food choices galore. Circa is the preferred destination management company at the Hilton Austin, Driskill and Renaissance hotels, and we proudly do business with other hotels and resorts around the city and into the Hill Country.


8301 Springdale Road
Suite 400, Austin, 78724

Neil Fuselier, DMCP
General Manager

San Antonio

The European and Mexican roots of this vibrant, modern city provide you with old world charm and vitality. It’s historical, hip, colorful – and who can forget the Alamo or the River Walk? The Circa team knows San Antonio and the surrounding areas like the back of their hands. Rely on them to steer you in the right direction.


1220 E. Commerce St.
San Antonio, TX 78205

Lauren Enlow
General Manager

Pat Hart
Director of National Sales

Daiana Andelmo
Sales Manager

Bruce Edwards
Sr. Program Specialist

Desiree Hughes
Production coordinator

JW Marriott San Antonio Team

Ivan Walsh
Director of Sales, JW Marriott San Antonio

Tracy Torrez
Sr. Account Executive, JW Marriott San Antonio

Daniel Gifford
Resort Operations, JW Marriott San Antonio

Carolyn Ortiz
Executive Administrative Assistant, JW Marriott San Antonio


Our Arizona office covers the entire stunning state, including the popular destinations of Phoenix/Scottsdale, Tucson, Sedona and the Grand Canyon. The Circa team has partnerships with resorts, ranches, private estates, museums, rustic desert locales and equestrian facilities, and can organize anything from artist studio tours to high-performance auto racing.

10621 S. 51st Street
Suite 105
Phoenix AZ 85044

Lauren Abbl, DMCP, CMP
General Manager

Kelly Riordan
Director of National Sales



After years of legendary catering, The RK Group was asked to parlay its impeccable service and top-quality food into restaurant settings. We began the venture at the Texas State Capitol in 1997, then started operating the Story of Texas Café at another historic venue, the Bullock Texas State History Museum. Our restaurant group now also includes fine-dining along the Galveston Bay and in Houston’s increasingly popular CITYCENTRE Shopping District.


Number 13 Prime Steak and Seafood

Scenically situated at the Pelican Rest Marina on Offatts Bayou in Galveston, our elegantly comfortable restaurant features original, artisanal dishes decked with locally sourced ingredients and overflowing with regional flavor with a seat right on the water. We pride ourselves on our 28-day in house dry-aged prime beef and fresh, line-caught seafood, yet are equally as pleased to serve our Deluxe 13 burger and onion rings in the dining room or waterfront on the Terrace. We’re open for lunch and dinner, Tuesday through Sunday; our outdoor Terrace features a casual menu, a full bar, live music most weekends, and breathtaking views every day.

Visit Number13 online for complete menus, reservations, information on private parties, events and special events.

View Photo Gallery Here

Capitol Grill

Aptly named because we’re located in the Texas State Capitol building at 1400 Congress Avenue in Austin. We’re open to the public for breakfast, lunch and grab-and-go snacks weekdays from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., serving a mixture of Texas and all-American cuisine from oatmeal, eggs and pancakes to grilled cheese, hot dogs, barbecue and chicken fried steak. Our daily chef’s intercontinental specials feature flavors from around America, Europe, India and beyond. Visit Capitol Grill online for complete menus and to arrange for catering, or for daily soups and special offer, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


The Story Of Texas Café

Open until 3 p.m. daily, our casual Lone Star-themed café is the ideal rest stop during a visit to the Bullock Texas State History Museum in Austin. Choose from grab-and-go meals and snacks, or relax over hot entrees, daily specials, sandwiches, burgers, house-made potato chips, fresh soups, baked goods and meals sized just for kids. If you’re coming with a crowd, we’d love to cater to you.

Visit The Story of Texas Cafe online for complete menus and to arrange group lunches for school and tour groups. And follow us on Twitter @StoryofTXCafe for updates on daily specials.



Radio Milano and Milano Bar

Located inside Hotel Sorella, Radio Milano brings a Modern Italian experience to Houston.  Chef Jose Hernandez has created Italian masterpieces made from the finest imported ingredients with an infusion of Texas ranch and farm to table beef, produce, and dairy.  Recommended appetizers include the Beet Ribbons with Blue Heron Texas goat cheese or the Crab Ravioli with huckleberry gelee pasta.  Entrees such as the Tagliatelle with uni cream and lobster, the Gnocchi Pomodoro with grilled octopus, the Roasted Pheasant with pear mostarda and cardamom reduction, and the 44 Farms Texas Ranch ‘Eye of Ribeye’ with bone marrow sauce.  Desserts are not to be forgotten with selections such as the Buttermilk Panna Cotta with basil gelato and balsamic vinegar, and the Amadei chocolate texture.  Radio Bar offers the finest hand crafted cocktails focused on Italian spirits and house made infusions. The bar boasts an intimate speakeasy atmosphere inside and relaxed lounge seating outside on the Radio Patio Lounge.  Cocktails include offerings such as the Negroni Giusto, Caffé Che Sa Di Noce, and the Italian Death.

View Photo Gallery Here