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Actions Backed By Values

At The RK Group, the genuine care and satisfaction of our clients, guests and partners is our highest mission. We are customer-centric and perfection-driven, always seeking to elevate and deliver on expectations of outstanding quality, service and attention to detail. We know spectacular events start with the kind of expertise that comes from experience, as well as our ability to ensure every detail is beautifully coordinated and professionally executed.

When clients come to the RK Group, they gain a deeper understanding of the word “service.” Each member of our team takes a personal pledge to go the extra mile – to deliver quality, creativity and extraordinary care to every customer, at every event, every time. Our company values form the framework of our success, and have for nearly 70 years.

Our ambition is for The RK Group experience to enliven the senses and instill well-being, and fulfill even the unexpressed needs and aspirations of our clients, their guests, and our partners. It is these beliefs that guide our actions, and these actions that elevate the ordinary to delightful heights. Our personnel pledge to provide the finest personal service, food quality and great experience for our clients and guests, and our ultimate goal is to have them eagerly return, time and again with a smile.

We are dedicated to creating fun, fond memories from the moment you begin planning your event to the moment you begin planning the next. Whether you want to throw an amazing “outside the box” soirée or are planning a refined quiet dinner at home, our greatest pleasure is holding a light of true service on you and seeing you shine.

We have long extended our service philosophy into the communities we serve, as avid volunteers, donors and event sponsors. We believe in giving back to the communities that have embraced us for so many years and encourage our team members to do the same through a wide range of activities.